Write your own successful autobiography

                                                                How to write your own successful autobiography
It is not teaching but choosing conditions that will bring out our abilities. It is well known that students may look seriously attentive to a lecture but may have other thoughts doing rounds in their minds.

Mimic the way I teach, I told Renu a female student. “No. I can show how you laugh,” she said and came out and made fun of the way I laugh. So, in my classes what was Renu paying attention to?
“If you were my children, would you be sitting in a nursing school?” I asked my students last week and the response I got from them compels me to change my teaching methods.

“If and what if” are phrases that are known to turn on creativity. Upward social mobility is hindered more by our own beliefs than the attitudes of the surroundings.

Teaching through games is an old method of management education. Story creation may be one of the best methods of producing thoughts and change.
Stories are never forgotten and story writing strategy could be used to change our own destiny.
We can predict destiny from attitudes within and that surrounds!
“Despite all differences society produces common destiny,” is a quote that makes sense when we look at how stereotypical people are. We are all in prisons.
What I need is someone who will make me do what I can,” RALPH WALDO EMERSON.
“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however, if I treat as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you becoming that. JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE. So, I too need someone who will treat me as I am capable of becoming.

A master artist was working on an irregular piece of stone while a little boy watched. Little pieces by little pieces, Michelangelo chiselled away unwanted pieces of stone and finally a beautiful white marble angel got unpacked.
“How did you know that this angel was inside the stone?” asked the wonderstruck boy to the genius artist.
Man makes himself by the choices he makes,” Soren Kriekegaurd

Before we make choices, we can brain storm ideas through ‘what if’ questions that will produce complications and stories of struggles. When all of these complication resolutions are connected to an aim of life; we have a novel – the story of our life/ an autobiography.
Planning is a search for causes and consequences.
“Lots of people confuse bad management with destiny,” Elbert Hubbard. Destiny is the common destiny of the society, but destination is consequence of planning and struggle.
If learning is the process through which a man reaches his (aim) destination/the consequence he thought about. The successful person will have the cause and consequence clearly in his memory. Planning is a search for causes and consequences.
Did Barrack Obama reach the presidency out of his desire for the position or he prepared himself to solve America’s problems?
“How do you become a great man?” asked CNN’s Richard Quest to Nobel Laureates.
”Take a great problem and give it everything you have,” replied His Holiness Dalai Lama.
“If you are successful, then you are a great man,” explained the Nobel laureate.
Aim of life not only gives a unifying theme but makes life like a précis – organizing only values. One should not waste efforts in other activities.


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