Many roles of the story writer

A story writer is a:

  1. Artist who knows what pictures will affect people
  2. Astrologer who personifies problems and concepts.
  3. Cosmologist who tries to find one theme explaining experiences of readers
  4.  Hypnotist who knows how to make suggestions that affect people
  5. Leader – more than anything else.
  6. He is a lawyer arguing to readers about the crime of imprisoning people.
  7. Mass psychotherapist working to transform people out of their problems
  8. Movie director who knows how to bring visual effects that affect
  9. Photographer who knows what pictures and details he  has to capture
  10. Rhetorician

Now, the question: what do I do first or what is the sequence of actions.

  1. Perhaps the starting point is a cosmologist looking for a theme.
  2. Mass Psychotherapist. He studies the reasons for problems like crime and goes on to solve them.
  3. Photographer collecting pictures that goes into the movies

We are dealing with people or reader problems collecting events that fit into the cause we are exposing – a problem everyone knows and hates. Like religions have created devil as the problem and cause of problems we need  problems. For instance the problems of:

  1. learning a difficult subject – prot wants to become a bright student
  2. Inability to cope with rising prices – managing life

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