The attitudes or discrimination that are affecting me

Most people: my students, family don’t understand or need the kind of depth of knowledge I am giving them. Most of them are happy with ordinary disorganized communication and don’t realize the need for development methods.

It could also be fear of what I am doing. They would never do what I am doing – writing a novel.

Then, they must be doubting whether I can write it. “It’s is for great people. Not for ordinary people like him,” they must be feeling. Above that my wife’s family look down on me, my parents and siblings.

In my son’s house, i have to live by the rules of his mother-in-law.

Now a days, vessels are immediately kept away so that it is not used for non purposes. Today, I needed a small vessel for heating beef. I took one and dil did not like it. “My mom wouldn’t like it,” she said and walked away angrily.

How, long can I live with this discrimination because of :

  • no money
  • non veg eating

Jan 02,2016.

I tries to boil ducks eggs in a vessel. She said no and that she would give another vessel later. Two days have passed and she has not given any vessel. She is always in the room locked except when the maid comes or her husband comes.

Discrimination starts with a person wanting to be better than others around or feeling he/she is better.

He/she starts giving them less than they deserve and more than what he deserves. That’s the way of business. Now, her language has become ruder than any of my sons. Or It is an indication of her attitudes? “Don’t buy unnecessary food,” she said after giving me Rs.100/- while the previous night they ordered food which might have cost them at least rs.300/-. Discriminators don’t see their weakness or mistakes but will focus on the weakness and mistakes of others to attack them. When everyone attacks one person’s weakness he has to fail.

In just less than two years, she is entirely different from the girl who came and met me at their school. What an actor?


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