Without a caring woman, life is Poor Solitary Nasty and Short

Family is a prison managed by women to improve numbers of their culture.

Today, Nov 28,2015, break fast is wheat Dosa – I hate it and the dil knows. But, what does she care about my likes. Does she care about the likes of her husband?

Women who can cook, kept the family health good.

Living with a family is adjusting with the ways of the woman. At Attappadi, his wife doesn’t like me. So, I cannot live there. Now, here too, there are so much evident from dil’s behavior and talk that is showing that. If I were a good looking person, would I have had this much problems? Even my wife wouldn’t have left me. Or I would have had so much women queuing up to live with me.

A family is essentially living within the ways and values of a woman’s culture. Even when my wife was there, i had to live within her ways or there was constant fight and finally she left.

Worse, it’s living at the receiving end of discrimination because of no good looks, not enough money, etc. Without love the wife treats men exactly like the very discriminatory/caste system of India.


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