Giving food cooked in reused oil to old people

  1. Reusing oil is bad for heart especially for senior people

“Are you using the oil you used to make Poori?”I asked her.

“We can’t throw it away. Its a lot of oil,” she replied.

“Oil is bad for heart and especially reused oil is very bad for people at my age. I would like to eat something that is not oily and especially cooked in reused oil,” I pleaded.

“This is what everyone does. It cannot be so bad,” she said and walked away.

2. Food cooked at 6AM is eaten as lunch at 1PM, then food cooked at 4PM is eaten at 10PM. This stale food is bad for anybody’s health. But to keep the maids is more important than health of others. It clearly shows attitudes based on language or race.

Often they go out to eat either with friends or in restaurants – I am alone.


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